Careers? Leaf Riedrich BV export products to over 120 markets worldwide. To begin, We are a fast-growing company with a beautiful office
with state-of-the-art facilities and resources, a friendly atmosphere, and multi-cultural/multi-lingual staff. At this time, We are currently looking for long-term growth and career-minded individuals for opportunities in our international sales, logistics, and finance departments. Therefore, We currently offer roles in the following departments

Careers International Sale

Importantly, International Trade Staff will be responsible to cover multiple areas in the company including managing manufacturers’ information, growing our current customers’ portfolios, turning leads into new customers. Furthermore,  they also attend to domestic and international trade shows and missions;
-Current openings:
*International trade specialist/assistant


Unquestionably, International logistics staff’s daily activities will be the organizing and overseeing of international transactions from start to finish for export sales transactions. In addition, Team members will respond and work with domestic suppliers/manufacturers, shipping carriers, and foreign buyers.
-Current openings
*International export coordinator


To begin with, Our international credit & accounts term members perform diverse administrative tasks in the company including accounts payable and account receivable activities. Additionally, They work with providing international payment terms to customers overseas


Moreover, We offer competitive and comprehensive benefits program to our team members including;
*Health Insurance
*Dental Insurance
*Vision Insurance
*Business Travel Insurance

Career Vision

Firstly, the vision of Leaf Riedrich B.V. is to become a strong, professional, open and leading institution at national and international level, based on core values and a reliable source of knowledge, through initiatives. Trained human resources are necessary and necessary to pursue the international transport and logistics sectors. In addition, contributions to the modernization of information transport and transport planning in the Netherlands, which is a crossroads and a bridge between Europe and Asia.

In conclusion, we will ensure fafe and rapid transportation of your goods to destination ports.