It is a large tree, which can reach 25 meters high.

The alternate, entire leaves are oblong acuminate in shape and measure about 10 centimeters.

The flowers are hermaphroditic and attached directly to the trunk ( cauliflorie ). They give off a pungent and strong smell of rancid butter (trash, landfill). This emanation is typical for flowers that are pollinated by a certain species of bat 3 : an exclusively nectarivorous macrogloss , named Eonycteris spelaea 4 . They appear grouped in cymes of 3 to 30 flowers that grow on large branches and trunk. They have 3 to 5 petals (rarely 4 or 6) and an unknown number of stamens, welded at the base by their threads. The five-celled ovary contains a variable number of eggs . Trees bloom once or twice a year and the time period depends on the species and location. A tree bears fruit from its fourth or fifth year.

The fruit, very large, with a length and a diameter of respectively 30 and 15 centimeters, lignifies when ripe. It takes three months after pollination for it to be mature. It is greenish in color and has many conical spines. Depending on the species, this hue can vary and draw on brown, red or yellow. It opens into five valves each containing up to five seeds embedded in a creamy white pulp with a powerful odor. These seeds with large cotyledons are also edible

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