Frozen Raspberry

Buy Frozen Raspberry Online
Buy Frozen Raspberry Online. The product is prepared from fresh, mature, sound raw raspberry fruits, Rubus idaeus L., adequate variety, free from all impurities, without damaged or blemished fruits. The fruits are gathered without stalks (remaining attached to the fruit). The product is individually quick frozen, without ice, with typical taste and flavour, juicy and aromatic, and typical colour, red with purple shade.

General: The final product complies with all current RS and EEC Food Legislation.

Variety: Willamette

The product conforms to the following physical standards (sample 1000 g):

Diameter of the fruit min. 14 mm

Foreign matter (stones, wood, glass, soil, metal, plastic, etc.) nil

Extraneous vegetable matter 1 pieces. Fruits with dry parts 1% Mouldy fruits nil

Damaged fruits (mechanically) 1 %

Stalks/calyx attached to the fruits nil

Damaged through insects, birds, slugs, etc. 2 %

Whole fruits (there are no whole fruits, but fruits larger than 2/3 of a whole fruit) min. 80 %

Broken fruits (fruits smaller than 2/3 of a whole fruit but larger than 6mm) max. 20 %

Crumble max. 2 %

Color approx. equable

Freezing process is carried out using proper machinery in a short time. Quick freezing process is complete when the core of the fruit is at the temperature of -18oC or less. Frozen fruits after defrost conform to the following characteristics: – sound, clean, without any impurities/admixtures – colour, taste and flavor typical for the fruit – without other taste or flavor Once thawed, product must not be refrozen.

IQF Raspberry, Frozen Raspberry
Specifications 1.Spec: Standard Analytical Data(per 10kg):
Clumps less than 3 fruits: under 1% by weight.

Calyx: Max 1 piece.

Leaves: Max 1 piece.

Metal/glass/plastic/stone/sand/soil or any other FMV/EVM: Non-existence.

Max.5-8% brokens

2.Brix: 9-12
3.PH: 6-7

Production Features Clean, tender, pink/dark red
Packing : 2lbx12/ctn, 5lbx6/ctn, 20lbx1/ctn, 40lbx1/ctn, 35lbx1/ctn;
500gx20/ctn, 1kgx10/ctn, 10kgsx1/ctn

Certifications : ISO, HACCP, etc.
Others : Quality assured
Supply Ability : 10000 tons
Shipment Spread All the year round

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