Palm oil

Palm oil

Free Fatty Acid ( % ): 0.1%Max
Moisture & Impurities( % ): 0.1%Max
Slip Melting Point: 24 Max
Cloud Point: 10 Max
Iodine value (g/100 g): 58 Min
Colour Lovibond 5 1/4 “: Red 2.5 Max Yellow 25.0 Max
Appearance: Pale yellow, bright & clear oily liquid
Odor: Bland, odorless
Our palm oil products are:

RBD Palm Oil
Application: Deep-frying oils for food industries, i.e. noodles, snack foods, etc. Also used in manufacturing of margarines, shortenings, ice cream, condensed milk, vanaspati, cookies, etc.

RBD Palm Olein
Appplication: Mainly as cooking and frying medium. Also used in manufacturing of margarine and shortening.

RBD Palm Stearin
Application: Used for production of specialty fats, i.e. margarines, confectionery fats, bakery, milk industry, etc. Also used in production of non-foods, i.e. soap, candle, etc.

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