The Peanut, also known as the Groundnut or the Goober and taxonomically classified as Arachis hypogaea, is a legume crop grown mainly for its edible seeds. nut is widely grown in the tropics and subtropics, being important to both small and large commercial producers. nut is classified as both a grain legume and, because of its high oil content, an oil crop.

World annual production of Shelled Peanuts was 42 million tonnes in 2014. Atypically among crop plants, it pods develop underground rather than aboveground. Delicious, crunchy, and nutty. nuts are one of the popular oilseeds known to humankind since centuries. The kernels enriched with many noteworthy health-benefiting nutrients essential for optimum health and wellness. They are actually legumes but carry almost all the qualities of other popular edible nuts such as pistachio, almonds, etc.


We can also supply other size

A)     Product introduction:
Product name Groundnuts & peanuts
Packing 25 kgs and 50 kgs
Crop Dry
Grade 1
Shipment Within days after signing in the sale contract
Quality The Best
B)      Quality and service:
1.     We are actively participating in trading.

2.       We maintain good quality means the best quality is our specialty.

3.       We are happy to trade with you.

C)     Company introduction:
1.      We have storage house for Groundnuts & peanuts

2.       We based on the fulfill commitment and quick supply the material.

3.       We have well specified staff and workers.

D)     Specification:
1      Product: Groundnuts & peanuts

2.       Grade: 1

3.       Color: natural peanuts Color

4.       Damaged goods: 0%

5.       Crop: Fresh

6.       Super quality and low price

7.       Quality Assurance

8.   Well packed

9.   Groundnuts & peanuts

10.   High quality export Groundnuts & peanuts

14.   Good for Human Consumption


Blanched peanuts kernel

size: 25/29 29/33 35/39 39/43 41/51 51/61

Packed in 25kgs vacuum bags,Or packed in 12.5kgs X 2 vacuum bags

Peanut kernel

size: 24/28 28/32 34/38 38/42 35/40 40/50 50/60 60/70

Packed in 25kgs vacuum bags or 12.5kgs X 2 vacuum bags / carton

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