Pine Nuts

Pine Nuts

Pine nuts are a popular addition to a vast array of recipes because of their delicately sweet flavor. When you buy pignolias online, you’ll find you have endless opportunities for exciting recipes. From savory pesto sauces to uniquely delicious cookies. For a little bit of extra crunch, roasting nuts is an extra step.  That’s worth the effort if you plan on adding your nuts to salads or pasta.

Believe it or not, nuts can be tough to come by. When you see pignolia pine nuts for sale, they have generally been harvested by hand because the seeds are difficult to release from the cones that they grow in.

Considering it takes around 700 nuts to make a single pound, there’s no question that a whole lot of work goes into every bag.

Though it might take some effort to harvest pine nuts, there’s no denying that they’re both delicious and versatile once on hand. In fact, there’s practically no dish that can’t be elevated with the addition of a few nuts; from meats and casseroles to bread and pastries, everything tastes just a little better with pine nuts included. If you’re looking for a quick, tasty, the perfect nutritious snack that will give you plenty of energy, then just toss a helping of nuts in the skillet for a few minutes to roast them. Once they turn light brown, they’re ready to enjoy.

Nuts Storage

If pine nuts are refrigerated, they will stay good for up to three months. They are left at room temperature, then they should be eaten within a couple of weeks. If you opt to buy your pine nuts in bulk, they can be stored for up to nine months. You have to put in a plastic bag within an airtight container, then stored in a freezer.

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