Buy Ramune Beverage Japanese Drink


Buy Ramune Beverage Japanese Drink

Buy Ramune Beverage Japanese Drink is carbonated soft drink of lemon-flavor in Japan. Originally, it was introduced from Britain as “lemonade” in the late 19th century, so the word “Ramune” is derived phonetically from the English “lemonade”.

The characteristic marble in the neck of the glass bottle earned Ramune the nickname of “marble soda” and is also the reason why many people might find it hard to open and drink. To open a bottle of Ramune, simply use the little plastic opener provided with each drink and push down the marble.

Here is some of the most famous Ramune companies in Japan:

Company Name Popular Products
 Hata Kosen  Bottled Ramune, Matcha Ramune, Blueberry Ramune
 Sangaria  Ramune Bottle, Ramune Grape Bottle, Ramuneo
 Kimura Drinks  Hawaiian Ramune, Banana Ramune, Fujisan Ramune
 Tokyo Beverages  Ramune-yasan, PET Ramune
 Nojima Seika  Hokkaido Ramune, Blue Cave Ramune


The Unique design of bottle

Since 1880’s, introduced from Britain for the first time, Ramune has made by many local beverage companies all over Japan and has grown up as original drink in Japan. It has been loved by from kids to old people for more than 100 years, so now, Ramune is the national drink of Japan.

Ramune is widely known for the unique design of its bottle. It is made of glass and sealed with a glass marble. This is one of the reasons why Ramune is loved by many people, especially by children because opening Ramune is just like a kind of game and they can play with marbles after drinking.

Product Summary

Product name Tombow Ramune
Product Carbonated Drink
Ingredints High fructose corn syrup, Flavoring, Acidulants, Calcium lactate
Container Glass Bottle
Volume 200ml
Best when used within 12 months
Product specifications
Single product size Diameter : 56mm / Height 206mm
Single product weight 465g
Packaging 30 bottles Carbonated
Case size Length : 285 mm / Width : 342 mm / Height : 217mm
Case weight 14.1kg
Jan Code 49626148
ITF Code 00000049626148