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Buy Scale Wax Online

Buy Scale Wax Online, Scale waxes differ from their paraffin counterparts due to a lower degree of refinement resulting in a higher oil content of 1.5% – 5.0%. The greater oil content increases the ability to manipulate the wax compared to the harder and more brittle paraffin wax family – still scale waxes have a negligible tensile strength. Melting points are between 122 and 145°F (50 – 63°C). Slack Wax is mixture of paraffin wax and oil originated from petroleum crude oil. Wax oil content can range from 10% to 30%. Slack Wax is produced during the production of Group I lube base oil.

Scale waxes Specs

124 to 126°F melting point are used in the match industry.

Higher melting point are used in Kraft paper industry, e.g. builder’s papers, cement bag stock, roofing felt, car liners, and heavy kraft wrappings.

Low oil content are required in the manufacture of crayons.

Also used as a blend or as alone in making candles.

Scale Wax Melting Point Oil content
max, wt.%
Color Penetration @
25°C, dmm
(°F) (°C) Saybolt ASTM
Indra wax 52-R 135 57 5.0 +18 40
Indrawax 53-S 127 53 5.0 +22 50
Indrawax 54-S 129 54 4.0 +25 50
Indra wax 55-H 131 55 5.0 1.5 max 45
Indrawax 55-S 129 54 5.0 +22 80
Indrawax 57-H 135 57 2.5 2.0 max 22
Indrawax 62-H 144 62 5.0 2.5 max 25


Scale Wax for Sale: How it make?

Slack wax is created as a byproduct of the oil refining process. This material is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate. It serves as feedstock and that is further refined and blended to create value-added wax products.
What is slack oil?
Slack wax is the crude wax produced by chilling and solvent filter-pressing wax distillate. There are basically three types of slack wax produced, the type depending on the viscosity of the lube oil being dewaxed: low neutral, medium neutral, and heavy neutral.


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