Buy Triticale Grains Online

Buy Triticale Grains Online

Buy Triticale Grains Online, In 1970, the first commercial variety of triticale went on sale and triticale bread, flour and breakfast cereals became available. More so, Triticale was hyped as a miracle crop during this time, but initial interest faded when crops were inconsistent and acceptance was slow. As such, triticale has not achieved its objectives to dominate as a grain for food production. Thus, Triticale is a cross between rye and wheat. It combines a high yield, a high protein content and a high biological protein value with relatively low demands on the location and the nutrient supply. This combination also makes triticale very interesting for organic cultivation.

Henceforth, Triticale is grown as animal feed, but it can also be baked with wheat. This triticale can technically be used as baking flakes without any problems, but is currently only marketable as baking flakes to a very limited extent. So, Triticale is usually fed in-house or marketed in feed mills. In the same way, the ingredients (protein content) and energy content are at the level of wheat, which is why triticale is well suited for feed mixes for cattle and pigs. Triticale usually replaces wheat or barley here. Triticale, on the other hand, is used less in poultry feeding and should not exceed a maximum of 30 percent.

Nutrition credentials of whole grain triticale:

  • Firstly, Similar to wheat, with 13% protein, but lower in lysine and niacin.
  • Secondly, Lower in protein complex which forms gluten.
  • A good source of phosphorus and magnesium and a very good source of manganese.
  • Finally, Contains B-group vitamins, most notably thiamin and folate.

Product Specifications: Buy Triticale grain Online

Component of Triticale grains

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Moreover, Most triticale grown in the world today is used as feed grain. Triticale feeding trials in general have been encouraging. The overall conclusion from tests on weaned piglets, growing-finishing pigs, and broiler chicken was that triticale rated equal to wheat and corn. Protein digestibility was significantly higher with triticale than with sorghum in rations for cattle and sheep. Triticale was found to be comparable to durum wheat fed to turkeys. There are, however, also triticale feeding studies which reported poor feeding efficiency and reduction in weight gain. Consequently,  reasons for such inconsistencies are as varied as the triticale varieties themselves. Finally, Variations in protein content, amino acid composition, nutritional availability, and antinutritional factors can all have an effect upon triticale’s performance as a feed grain. Buy Triticale Grains Online from Leaf Riedrich B.V., the best agricultural products suppliers online.