Buy Water Melon Fruit Online

Buy Water Melon Fruit Online

Buy Water Melon Fruit Online also known as Watermelon, as well as Citrullus lanatus scientific appellation, is a succulent fruit that is native to tropical Africa. It has a soft flesh on the inside, cover by a thick, hard skin. The colors usually associated with watermelons are a bright red flesh and a striped green skin, but there are other variations of this fruit as well. watermelons are usually eaten raw but are also used in salads or pickled sometimes. The fruit is made up of around 90% water. Nutritionally, it mainly consists of carbs and sugar, with very small amounts of fat and protein as well. It is also a source of several vitamins and minerals such as potassium, copper, vitamin C, B5 and A.

Season Values:

   Medium size  Large size
 harvest season  Mid-October ~Late March  Late April ~ Late June
 price  Pack of 3 (37.7USD~47.2USD)
 Set of 4 (56.6USD~66USD)
 Sets of 2 (47.2USD~75.5USD)


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Moreover, Watermelons contain a high level of water (90%) and little fructose. Its kilocalorie content is thus low (37Kcal / 100g). In addition, its nutritional value is high. Indeed, watermelon is rich in vitamins and mineral salts. This fruit can also be used for medicinal purposes (cleaning the urinary tract).